Are skirts for men about to hit the mainstream?

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London Fashion Week has always been the place to look for the latest trends in menswear. A few years ago, we saw the trend of outdoor pyjamas; now, there appears to be a brand-new trend about to hit our high streets. For men, it is about to get very breezy!

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There is definitely gender fluidity in fashion at the moment. This is also becoming a big part of our culture, so we should not be surprised that some of the top designers showing at London Fashion Week are attempting to make skirts for men more mainstream.

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Skirts hit the runway

The runway world is fully embracing the year of the skirt. For more avant-garde fashion designers, this is not as big a step as it would seem; after all, there have been some really crazy trends over the years, such as harnesses and strange Tabi boots.

Embracing the change

It has taken a long time for men to embrace the skirt; in fact, it is something many have openly resisted for many years.

One of the world’s most famous celebrities, Kanye West, famously wore a Givenchy kilt back in 2012. West stated at the time in a magazine interview that when a top designer suggests a skirt or dress, it is an informal inauguration into the world of fashion. He went on to say that although the skirt is seen as a more feminine garment, kilt-wearing warriors killed people in the past, so who gets to decide what is hard and what is not?

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Times are changing

Kanye famously wore that kilt seven years ago, so it is amazing to see how far fashion has advanced since then. Famous rappers and celebrities alike are now wearing skirts on a regular basis, even to play their favourite sports – it is really not seen as a big deal anymore.

Fashion is becoming a lot less hard, with designers focusing on expressing the more fragile and soft side of masculinity in their clothing; indeed, skirts may be set to become the new easy basic.


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